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Let Us Show You How We Can Greatly Improve Your Bottom Line
Boost Your Collections
Physicians Solutions proven billing and practice management strategies have provided every new client with an increase in collections and cash flow, often dramatically so.

We make transitioning to us as easy and comfortable as possible
1.    One low monthly fee, no up front cost, and no hidden fees  
2.    Payments and EOBís come directly to your office  
3.    Increased revenue from coding to the highest level of specificity  
4.    Increased collections at the time of service through audit of the next dayís schedule to provide your staff with
       outstanding patient balances, co-pay, coinsurance and deductible information.  
5.    Staff training and education to improve understanding of the billing process  
6.    Collaborating with practitioners on documentation guidelines so coding can properly capture the actual acuity 
       of procedures and services being provided   
7.    Never pay for software upgrades again
8.    Eliminate the high cost of in-house billing expenses
Our company strives to be the most advanced in the medical billing field and offers the latest in medical billing solutions through full service coding solutions, ongoing education and training, including payer guidelines and the latest in coding changes and updates.
We do more than just submit your claims. We will review and update your fee schedule and identify areas where changes can be made.
We collaborate with our practitioners in the area of documentation so that coding properly captures the highest levels of acuity, procedures and services being provided, thus ensuring the maximum reimbursement per patient encounter.
We will audit your next dayís schedule for patient past due balances, and provide your front desk with statements of amounts owed to present to the patient at the time of service for immediate collection.
We strive to make the transition to Physicians Solutions as seamless as possible. New clients will experience a noticeable improvement in their cash collections, charges, payment per patient, and accounts receivable, while avoiding disruptions in cash flow and collections. The overall increase in revenue in the first year will far exceed any temporary inconvenience.
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